Sunday, December 6, 2009

Waiting and debating on Mars...I mean London :)

Can you believe that it is all ready December??? I can't, and to be honest I love this time of the year because it means being with the people I love more then ever. Call me a mushy dork but, I love the idea of family coming together. Plus, the Holidays (capitalized on purpose) at my house are most lovely and entertaining at the same time. I am still in London right now and have about 6 days left here. Wow!! That is unbelievable when I think about the fact that I have been here for all most three months.

I will be trying some new things out once I get home. I will be making myself some vintage clothes out of recycled clothes which should be fun and frustrating at the same time ((gotta love the adventurous woman in me)) hehe. I can hand sew but, I have yet to learn how to properly use a sewing machine. I have made a long skirt before out of old jeans that I could not fit or that had holes in them. That turned out very nice and lot's of people have been asking me to make them one. Gosh! could they really afford me? hehe.

Okay so I had my final convener (basically a meeting for art presentations; for those that don't know), and it went very well. The only thing that I would have changed was how I presented it. I did not have enough money at the time to print out the photos so, I had them on my laptop. That was the only thing that they critiqued and other then that they loved the photos. I do have to say that being out here I have gotten more confident with the camera and have learned more about my shooting style and bringing a person's personality out from the camera. If you want to see the photos I presented in my final presentation just follow this link This will take you straight to me and my friend's blog. That is the name of our photography business. I will also have some other pictures I have taken on . Don't mind the title because that is not my personal business anymore. I just can't change the name of it. So many pictures, so little time. I just have an essay and a taxi to book and I am good to go! For now, you can enjoy some of my silliness. Later friends!


  1. First of all let me say you look beautiful on the photos. Secondly, I never knew you and a photography blog. The photos there are stunning. Is it a business?

    Finally, I hope you get back home safely. Let me know when you reach home.

  2. Thank you for both compliments!

    The Decorum Photography blog belongs to me and my best friend (business partner). She is also a photographer. I do post some on my other blog (I know I have so many We are producing more photos for our site which you could view .

    I am still adding and working on the site but, I think it is looking very well. It is a good thing that I know something about web design :D.

    I will certainly let you know once I get to the states and am in the comfort of my home. I am going to be packing everyday and have to finish up some washing so that all my stuff can be put together. Would it be wrong for me to wear the same jeans this while week? I just don't feel like having to dirty some new jeans and these feel nice when they are worn in. Oh well! We shall see.

  3. The website looks great, but I have a little tip for you from my experience as professional web designer (It would be nice to have a button to mute the music or sound on your website). Some people don't like music on a website.

    Your photos are great, but I have already said that.

    About you wearing the same jean till you get back, well most people (me too) try to wash all their clothes and have them all dry and clean before that leave for a vacation or get back home. So, its normal wearing the same jean for the last couple of days. What I do though is hang them somewhere windy and get enough air in it.

  4. I thought about the mute button for the music. I just keep forgetting to put it on since I have had my mind on other changes,but thanks though ;).
    I am definitely going to wear these jeans though whole week and let them air a bit tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

  5. You're welcome.

    Have fun on these last days, but becareful and safe!