Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Away

The day is over for me but still going back home. Of course, I am missing my family...missing my nieces and just would love to be home right now. *sigh* It is apparent that I don't like it here but, you try and make the most of your time. I would not say that it is London per say it is New Cross, London that I do not like (oh and Goldsmiths). It will not be long though, I have two weeks left before I leave. I know that I am not the only one feeling the anticipation to be home in a the familiar place.

I am looking forward to being with my loved ones, a bath tub (how lovely), my comfy bed and room, my car, working out in a gym (since I have been doing so in my room), and last (but not least) eating my Mom's wonderful food *drool*. It will be great to not have to wash my clothes in the sink or shower and to not hear sirens and drunk kids outside my window LOL! Until then I dream of home and take in what good things I can here. I'm off to bed. It is 2:35 am and I have been attempting to wake up early for w while now. Does not help when I am up late I know..haha....Oh well! Good night, good morning, good afternoon to you all!


  1. I can relate to all that you said in your blog. This is my llth year without my family and friends. Its also the 11th year that I'll spend missed Christmas & New year without my family.

    So, I wish you all the best till you reunite with your family again.

    Take care and be strong!

  2. WOW!! How do you do it? This is the longest I have been away from my family. Not to say that I could not do it for a longer period of time but, I am not sure I would want too. It would have to be lead for me to do that. Your brave. If you do not mind me asking, where are you originally from?

  3. War and the financial situation of my family forced me to do that.

    My parents are Lebanese, but I was born and lived in Sierra Leone/West Africa, heard of it? Watched the movie Blood Diamond? That's where I came from

  4. You asked me the last time where I was from and I said I was born in Africa but my parents are Lebanese. .

    What about you?

  5. Yes I know Sierra Leone. I have a few people I know from that area. That is near Guinea right? That is a long way to travel. Sounds like you have seen a lot in your life.

  6. Yeah! its near Guinee and yeah unfortunately, I've seen a lot.