Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions..........

A lot has been going on with me. I have come to a place where some decisions will have to be made and the interesting bit is that both involve a new location, job, and school. The first is something that I have mentioned before. We (my parents and I) are in the process of moving. Because of circumstances with my step-dad having to resign from his job we can not afford our home and will have to move. The good thing is that houses are cheaper now so we should be able to find something better and at a great price. Another thing is that I am in the process of going to another school. The last is that I need a new job.

I have been looking around here (mind you I am in Southern California) and due to many cut backs they are making it more difficult to get into a univeristy. I have another option that has presented itself and that is to go to UTA which is located in Texas. My best friend (who I call Twin) is located there and so is family on my mom's side and some other friends. My Twin's mom and sibilings (with whom I am close to) have offered for me to live with them and would help me with finding a job and everything. UTA has a great photography program and masters in fine arts program that I really like.

Tough decision and I am having to pray about this because it has to be right. I am going to apply and still keep my options open. I am not fully announcing just putting it out there. We shall see how it all turns out..............


  1. I'll pray for you my dear. Hope any choice you make will turn out to be the best choice, but I think the UTA choice seems right to me, especially because of the photography program.

    Be careful with you decision and think is twice before taking any.


  2. Thank you for that especially the prayer because it is much needed.

    This is a part of being an adult...lol...very tough but good either way. I will have peace about which every decision as long as I know that God is in it.