Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's been how long??

I have been gone for a very long time! A lot has gone on since I was last here. I move out from my parents and am now living with some of my dear friends. One of the best things about it is that I am living with a four year old as well. Her name is Emma and she is such a joy. She calls me Auntie Kandice which well suits me I must say :).

I now have two nieces and a nephew from my brother. I am working and going to school still (I know, I know still in school). Sometimes it can feel very never ending. The great thing is that I have a goal set and a finish date...Yay for me! I have been picking up on paying jobs for my photography lately which has been great! The photo in my banner are pictures from a shoot a did recently for a baby shower. I staged the table and took the photos. There will be more to come of course! I also did a pregnancy shoot this past weekend which was great! I have not done one in a while and hope to do more. 

The website is being revamped so I will be placing a link for that as well. Now it may be just me but, I have to figure how to get my badge from instagram on here. I cannot seem to find the place for it lol! It is late a night or should I say early in the morning for me right about now. I need to go to bed but, I wanted to get these pictures done. It will be a great day tomorrow and the rest of this week will be super bright! Until tomorrow I will leave you with this lovely photo. Be well and good morning or good night to you! :)

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