Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Ice Cream Social

I took my niece out today for birthday Ice Cream at Cold Stone. I am not a Cold Stone sort of person but, she had never been there. The plan was to go to Baskin Robins and get her a free scoop of ice cream. Funny how things just do not turn out the way that you think. For one I am on a seriously tight budget...I mean tight! I was able to put guess in my car and Cold Stone was closer to home. With the drive to Baskin Robins I pretty much would have spent what I did for her ice cream.

Kids are funny! I niece is turning seven on Saturday and she must think that I have a load of money. Interesting because it is not like I get her many things are take her out a lot. When she asks for something I do not jump on it and purchase it, I tell her no or ask mommy and daddy. Great thing is she loved her ice cream and we had a great time talking and just hanging out. I told her how happy she makes me and how much so many people love her. I believe that every girl, young lady, and woman needs to know that. Girls need to know how very special they are. This is not to say that boys are not; I am just speaking from my experience growing up. I just holds are very dear place in my heart. Of course that is for all people! :)

What I want is for all of you to know how near and dear you are. This life is but a blink. So quick that we could barely even notice. But, there are those moments. Beautiful moments that make such an impression upon our lives. You are that impression and it is a beautiful thing.

Be that beauty to someone because they need it just as you need that beauty for you.

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