Friday, November 6, 2009

Snapping In London

Okay so apart from the usual I am working on a project. Well, actually I should say two projects. One is for my final art presentation here at Goldsmiths University. the other is a strange and fun project (not to say that the rest are not) but, this is more for my *evil laugh* personal use. I may put it up on my website; not sure if I will but it will be interesting. I am calling it "Snapping in London". Catchy I know! But I think it follows suit very well. For some time now I have been trying to figure out whether I am personally snapping while here or just taking pictures of people snapping while here in London. Its great though. So I went around a few spots taking pictures and one of my fellow peers let me borrow her for some shots. These are not completely out of ordinary shots but they are a start. I am now pretty determined to follow on the little adventure of picture play. Play time is good I think. And it is a wonder to find out what exactly come upon the eye of a lens. I guess many people can not understand the thinking of an artist; and to honest I am not an artist that is just sold out into photography but I dibble in other parts such as painting, drawing, dancing of course, singing, but my art project will have a combination of painting and photography. I am excited about it.

Hmm....I am going to record the process of development for the project with pictures so to have document. I have been writing out it a lot in my journal and have been finding myself waking up in the middle of the night with ideas and thoughts on my art work. This is just apart of the process. It is good though. At least I am doing it!

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