Monday, November 2, 2009


Okay so I know that I have not been updating this on a regular but things have been pretty darn busy here in London. I hope that you all like the two videos and some of the pix I posted. It is now November and I must say that I am ready to go home. I know that I am out of what they call the honeymoon stage of things but I miss my family and friends. I must say that I do have a new appreciation for home. I have been journeling as well as doing some videos pn my computer but I just not posted them. Not sure if I should. Not even sure if anyone if you happen to come to London do not be surprised if you hear some people say "ya" at the end of everything. It is just like Americans saying "like" or "you know". It is interesting I am not going to lie. I like it here I am just missing family and friends is all. Seems like everyone is having so much fun without me. :(. Okay have to go get ready for bad and I will ramble later.

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